Month: May 2015

Reason #4 to Shop at Thrift Stores!

[tribulant_slideshow post_id=”74″] 5 Fun Reasons to Shop at a Thrift Store – Reason #4 VINTAGE CLOTHING! You never know what treasures you’ll find. For people who favor shopping malls and department stores, a thrift store may be a little scary. After all, the clothing items are used and there’s no telling who wore them or what they were doing when they did so.… Read more →

Recycled Clothing Facts #4

Recycled Clothing Facts by Lexa W. Lee, Demand Media (article only) Thrift shops are a great resource for donating or buying used clothing. Recycling unwanted clothing reduces landfill waste as well as the amount of resources needed to produce new clothing. It also lessens the waste produced by the manufacturing process — clothing scraps end up in the landfill, too.  Used… Read more →