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DIY Recycling & Repairing Jeans – Thrift Shopping Crafts
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Share the joy      Love that Favorite pair of jeans that are almost older than you are?  Here’s a tutorial on how to save them.  Sure, rips, wear and tears are ‘in’ now but not in Every place ; ) How about those jeans that are too damaged to donate, let’s recreate!  Here are several Upcycling and…

DIY Recycled Craft Ideas Using Bottle Caps
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Share the joy   8 I LOVE creating something great with otherwise disposable items – repurposing which Is recycling ♻️ My particular favorite is the poker table due to its tongue in cheek personality.  I’ve seen many items made or embellished by caps but never found any directions like these.  Did you know Craft suppliers actually sell new,…

Celebrating Deerfield Beach!
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Share the joy     If you love a Parade, Festival and Entertainment, THIS is the Place-to-Be 2/17-2/19 right here in Deerfield Beach.  This parade is the Longest held by any city annually!  Lots of floats, marching bands & & & & & &

Annual Festival of Arts
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